What to Do in Ottawa, Canada

Thinking of visiting the capital city of Canada? Ottawa has plenty to offer its visitors. It may not be buzzing with hectic energy like other metropolitan cities, but it possesses a relaxed atmosphere and idyllic charm that gives much pleasure to guests who intend to just unwind and chill out. Even Ottawa’s attractions offer tourists a laid back way to experience the city’s scenery.

Ottawa is strategically located on the banks of the Ottawa River. It provides a perfect backdrop for various water activities such as canoeing, kayaking and boat riding. The Rideau Canal, particularly, is a favorite among tourists. This canal winding through the heart of the city was aptly declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you fancy seeing the city while gliding through the waterway, you can go board one of the many cruise and pleasure craft available in the area. The Rideau Canal is also something to behold during winter as it transforms into the world’s largest naturally frozen skating rink.

To those who want a taste of Canadian shopping, Byward Market is the place to go. It is one of the largest public markets in the country. It offers almost everything, from fresh produce to signature fashion pieces. There are also plenty of al fresco cafes and gourmet restaurants in the area. Watch for secluded cobblestone squares to experience the old-world market charm.

Parliament Hill is also worth seeing when you are in Ottawa. It offers a dramatic view of the Ottawa River and the imposing Parliament buildings make for an excellent photo opportunity. Moreover, it displays hundreds of gargoyles and reliefs intricately carved on the buildings stonework. Watch out for the sound of the 53-bell carillon in the Peace Tower when the clock strikes the next quarter hour. Also, be on the lookout for the daily free concert performances offered by the Dominion Carilloneur. If you happen to be in the area during Christmas season, you can’t miss the magnificent exhibition of thousands upon thousands of Christmas lights stunningly displayed across the hill.

Situated just minutes from the Parliament Hill is the 361 square kilometer expanse of the Gatineau Park. It features various nature trails that wind through forests, lakes and scenic viewpoints. During warm months, visitors can choose from various exciting activities such as cycling, hiking, swimming and camping while cross-country and downhill skiing are the favorite activities during winter.

For the most picturesque scenery, I highly recommend taking a look at Canada’s extraordinary geological formations, the Canadian Shield and the St. Lawrence Lowlands, from Champlain Lookout at Eardely Escarpment. To those who are working on a budget, you will be glad to know that admission to Gatineau Park is free of charge.

If you want to experience the full bloom of Spring in Ottawa, visit during the Canadian Tulip Festival and be treated to the colorful display of tulips in all their glorious splendor. Make sure to join the more than 600,000 visitors in a parade of spectacular Spring color along the Tulip Route.

Canada’s SRED Program – Cash Flow Via Tax Credit Financing

The SRED program for tax credits is one of a small handful of government programs in Canada that in a very direct fashion turn credits into real cash flow and working capital that is non repayable. When business owners find out that they don’t have to wait anywhere from 3-12 months for their refund, and that they can discount, or monetize that tax credit now they are pleasantly surprised.

The question then becomes simply understanding the mechanics and benefits of such a financing – i.e… answers to the basic questions –

– How much can I get?
– What does it Cost?
– What is involved?
– What are the benefits of financing my tax credit now versus waiting for the cheque from the federal and provincial governments in Canada

Let’s cover off some of the answers and the basics you need to know to make an informed decision in this regard.

Business owners that either have prepared SRED claims in the past, or who are preparing them for the first time are always advised by their accountants and SRED consultants as to how much the claim will be for. The reality is that this claim is filed at the same time you file your corporate tax return. If you have highly confident that you will receive the full amount of your claim we see many clients actually booking this future cheque as an ‘ account receivable ‘ – i.e. money that is due their firm just as if it was a sale to a customer.

So when you finance that claim you are dealing with an absolute amount. But the one thing to understand is that generally advances under the SRED tend to be in the 70% range based on the total value of the claim. So for example $ 300,000 dollar claim filed by your firm has the potential to net you 210,000.00 as a working capital loan should you choose to cash flow or monetize that claim now.

Although we see some claims as much as a million dollars from clients, the reality is that most claims tend to be in the 200 – 500k range, some smaller, some larger.

On to costs. Generally the overall size and quality of your claim, coupled with the amount will dictate the costs of financing the claim. A few key points should be kept in mind, and they clearly are in the category of ‘benefits ‘. That is to say that when you undertake a SRED loan you receive 70% of the claim immediately – there are no payments made unlike a regular loan, and you receive the final 30% of the claim when the refund is made by CRA, or, if you choose, when they indicate in writing or via their technical audit that the claim has been approved. The financing costs are deducted out of this final 30%. So clearly the overall benefit of financing your SRED claim revolves around taking that cash and working capital and putting it to work in your business right away. Putting those funds to work might mean acquiring new equipment, reducing payables, investing in sales and marketing of your product services, etc.

A tax credit SRED financing loan is not unlike any business financing. An application with typical business background data is completed, one of the key additional pieces being of course the actual SRED claim you have filed, and, in some cases, proof of your success in previous years. We advise clients the whole application and diligence process takes about 2- 3 weeks, so if you are focused on financing your SRED claim you should undertake your SRED financing negotiations as soon as you have made up your mind to finance the claim.

Everyone agrees the SRED program is the government’s way of encouraging in a measurable way (their cash back to your firm!) research and development. If you have filed claims in the past, or are filing for the first time you should also investigate the benefits of financing your claims. Its non repayable money – why not put it work as early as possible to grow sales and profits and improve you overall financial picture. That’s a solid business financing strategy.

Futuristic Trends in Men’s Fashion

Fashion shows are no foreign concept and contrary to what you may believe they have a strong influence over your wardrobe. In my endeavor to find out what the future has in store in the men’s fashion front; I embarked on a tour that concluded in Montreal, Canada. Montreal has long been known as the official “Headquarters of the Canadian Rag Trade,” and the city bustles with high profile, prize winning designers in “Rue de la Montagne” fashion district.

Although the formal wear and classic cuts featured in many trend reports online are universal, I looked to Montreal for directional message in menswear. Forget the hype, in this article I present 3 futuristic trends that have the potential of taking over the high fashion streets and also easy enough to be adopted by the average man.

Military Inspiration

Prepare to defend yourself against the clothing rudiments that salute everything military. Spearheading the pack is Rudsack; available was a range of military regalia like the clip-on leather hoods, 3/4 fatigues with cargo pockets – also featured in leather, four pocket jacket, flight pants, just to name a few. Though the headgear may appear too literal, its military inspiration is irresistible. To adopt this trend you’ll have to opt details such as utilitarian pockets on jackets and rivets on belts. Embrace the trend full with combat boots that are functional as well as stylish.

Mix and match

Dinh Ba is active with his idea combo. Dinh Ba paired various colors, prints and styles to achieve an individual look. I saw a black-and-white pinstripe oxford under a sandblasted printed blazer worn with casual motorcycle boots. While this kind of mixing and matching is best left on the runway, the idea is correct. The message is to achieve a look by mixing and matching different elements, even within a single item.


How does something like a classic sweater or jacket get updated season after season? Based on designer ‘Philippe Dubucs show, it’s all in the details; asymmetrical ones so to say. Similar to the big scarves, the neckline also appears to be an area of focus in Montreal; this was achieved through asymmetrical layers and zip-closures. I particularly liked the heavyweight pull-over jacket featuring a zipper that extends from the neckline to the armpit. Other more abstract pieces include a scarf -like vest with asymmetrical layering and leather zipper detailing. While some of these ideas are more conceptual than wearable, your best bet is to find some sweaters with interesting asymmetry next fall to provide a trendy alternative to your basics. This look should be reserved for weekend attire, and opt for darker colors to avoid excessive competition with the details.

“Mont-Royal” fashion trends

Let’s put things in perspective, there is no doubt that a runaway show is nothing but a “show.” Everything presented during the fashion week is always styled in a way that communicates and reinforces a designer’s message besides attracting the media attention. In this article I presented ideas that go beyond the hype to help you achieve a refined final look for the season.

Review of Fashion Jewelry From Levita Online

Levita Online supplies fashion jewelry including bracelets, rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings and handbag charms. The company has expanded rapidly since it was established in 2006 by Michelle Sanders, a design major in South Florida. The company was borne out of Michelle’s frustration with her difficulty in finding unique and affordable fashion jewelry since moving from her native Brazil. The designs at Levita draw their inspiration from around the world, in particular, of course, Brazil.

Levita aims to continually stock updated collections and a shopping experience that is second to none. In addition, the company aims to stock its items at prices that are highly competitive. The website features a wide range of fashion jewelry to suit all tastes with pieces that are quite different from many other jewelry brands giving you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

A particularly unique feature of the website is the “look” pages which allow you to browse through a number of different fashion jewelry style combinations. This certainly helps overcome a particular difficulty of buying jewelry online in that it is sometimes difficult to visualize how the items will combine and whether they will suit your particular style. Also, if you buy a set from the “look” page, you do so at a reduced price.

When buying jewelry online (or anything else online for that matter) it is always sensible to check the cost of delivery. For Levita, shipping within the U.S. and Canada is free for orders $35 and above. For international orders, shipping is charged at a flat rate.

In conclusion, Levita Online offers fashion jewelry that is unique and affordable, and its website offers a shopping experience that is different from many other jewelry brands. So if you are looking to buy fashion jewelry, whether that should be bracelets, adjustable rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings or handbag charms, then Levita Online is certainly worth considering.

Real Fur Fashion Is Back In Style

Real fur is back in style and flying off the racks, despite decades of protests by animal rights activists. From fur leggings to beaver hoodies, genuine fur fashion is dominating runways and generating billions of dollars in annual sales. Those who previously gave real fur fashion the cold shoulder are warming up to it again, due in part to a campaign by the Fur Council of Canada (FCC) to portray fur as a product that is sustainable, biodegradable, and renewable.

The industry had been taking hits since the early 1980s, after fur protesters stepped into the media spotlight with shocking allegations that discredited the fur trade. The council decided it was time to set the story straight about the true ecological role of the industry. It enlisted Montreal-based writer Alan Herscovici, who saw people carefully weighing the environmental impacts of their choices, and it wasn’t a big leap to convince them that wearing faux fur is the same as wearing non-biodegradable plastic on their backs, not a particularly sustainable choice. Herscovici says his website, furisgreen.com, averages 20,000 hits a month. He thinks people are beginning to see real fur as the more sensible fiber–considering the entire cradle to grave scenario.

He also has a talent for upstaging the “protest industry,” as he calls it, by giving the hard-working humans of the fur industry a platform to tell their side of the story. Buying real fur is a way to support real people who live close to the land and make an honest living. Even though the end product may be expensive, few aboriginal trappers, working class producers, and artisans practicing traditional trades are wealthy. When people from a different class attack their culture and heritage they feel betrayed and it becomes a social justice issue. When seen in this light, the fur-draped rich and famous are enlightened rather than faux pas.

The wealthy and influential have yet another reason to be seen in fur this year. An infestation of nutria rodents is threatening the bayou ecosystem in Louisiana by digging up plants and grasses that control erosion. The state has responded by offering a $5 bounty for each nutria tail turned in. The nutria population was previously kept in check when the fur trade was thriving. But since real fur became unpopular due to the animal rights protesters, the swamp rats multiplied to dangerous levels. The bounty must be a blessing to the unemployed, since hunters and trappers are turning in 300,000 tails annually, according an NPR report of 12/29/2010.

The abundance of nutria pelts has created the opportunity for a new industry of “righteous fur” fashion. Fur suppliers are stocking nutria pelts that can be recycled into swanky bags, hats, and coats. Even top designers like Oscar de Larenta, are incorporating the fur into their new lines. Now, wearing nutria fashions is viewed as the eco-friendly thing to do.

Lars Eidnes is an expert in the harvesting, processing, purchasing, and selling of leathers and furs. His business Eidnes Furs, Inc. is a supplier of real fur [http://www.eidnesfurs.com/mission.htm] leather, and advice, to the film industry, designers, museums, recreational programs, and individual crafters.

Mens Fashion and Trousers

Trousers are simply pants, although when speaking of mens suits the old word “trousers” is used. This is probably because high fashion originated in the Old World and Americans lack any of the huge developments in fashion from Europe since it has only been a country for a comparatively short time. If you’re in a tuxedo rental place and are confused by the words the nice clerks use, it’s probably because they’re just using different language for the same things. It’s no reason to get your face in a bunch, just learn that in fashion people like to be very specific about which item of clothing you may be referring to. This prevents confusion, but oftentimes will also make the fashion connoisseur feel like a million bucks. This is usually happily welcomed because, contrary to popular belief, many fashion people make very little money. It’s kind of like wanting to be a rock star or stay at home mom with a husband whose singular income can support the entire family. Knowing about fashion and dressing well can help you get the lifestyle you want.

There is sometimes a lot of confusion about what should be worn with a mens suit. In particular, mens trousers are sometimes confused to mean something different than what they are- pants. In the United States the word “pants” is most often used to refer to what are almost universally known as trousers in the UK. Other English-speaking countries also refer to “trousers” as pants, for example, Canada, Australia and South Africa use the word “pants.”

Men’s Fashions to Women’s Passion – Is Designer Wear History?

Today’s woman has choices her mother didn’t. But does mom have her daughter’s figure? Mom can go to the gym, and starve herself slim, but sooner or later her hormones kick in. And unless she’s a fan of Suzanne Somers’ bioidentical hormone therapy, what’s a mom to do?

Forever Young
She can start by browsing stylish fashion emporiums like H&M or its formidable competitor Forever 21/Forever XXI, a billion dollar fashion house with over 400 locations and footage five times most Gap stores. From Pasadena, California to Union Square, New York, Canada and everywhere in between, this shopping mecca is ahead of its European counterparts and sprouting like Chia products. Not just for teenagers, Forever 21 caters to family shoppers, which means men, boys and big bucks. 2006 saw the first opening exclusively for men. Typically, “Forever XXI” stores are larger than “Forever 21.”

A Guy’s Candid Review
“The size branded on the clothes is the actual size. The Medium is an actual Medium. They know the clothes, they smile, I can ask for advice. Plus I get to hang out with really good looking women.”

A tip for you men who are into style but need some help: Check out the latest GQ online for men’s designers. I happen to favor Donna Karen (DKNY Men’s) fall 2007 collection. But you’ll find all of them there. Then compare at H&M or Forever 21 stores. If you bring your wife or girlfriend, prepare to spend some time.

When Fashion Chic is Fashion Cheap
So when mother and daughter-let’s call them the Tomases-set off on their monthly shopping-bonding safari, they might steer a course through the aisles of Forever 21, one of the most successful retail fashion houses in the business. Mostly in shopping malls, this Forever 21 is in Manhattan’s Union Square location on 14th Street where Mrs. Tomases is looking for trendy that conceals, and sexy that reveals.

Her daughter’s approval is important; what mom chooses should be cool but not too young. Mrs. Tomases makes a $17.80 purchase of a blue-patterned sheer chiffon tunic with ruffled placket. Her 26-year-old chooses a red and black floral tunic ($19.80), and chocolate brown wide leg linen pant ($27.80). Who wouldn’t shop here? These are chic designer clothes at subway prices! Savvy consumers have learned that to ensure quality, not all roads must lead to Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue. When clothing that’s cut couture can be sold at affordable prices, what more can shoppers ask?

Is There a Fox in The Basement?
The founders and owners of the Forever 21/XXI chain are Don and Jin Chang who immigrated to Los Angeles from South Korea in the mid-1980s. Aggressively marketing young and mature women as well as men and children, the Changs have achieved what every immigrant hopes for-the American Dream. Starting with one store in L.A., they began adding new stores every six months. Last year they acquired 40,000-square feet of a former Saks store in Pasadena, California, turning it into a palace of rich looking clothes and other desirable articles for the not so rich.

Preferring to remain a mystery, Mrs. Chang gives no interviews and maintains a profile so low her physical body is off the radar. Ask top designers like Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg and they will say it takes months to get their clothes from the runways to the stores. The Changs deliver interpretations of the same item down to the tiniest patterns and finest quality material, within six weeks!

So Sue Me
The Changs say they employ no designers, “just very savvy designer merchants.” Yet when you examine their product adaptations it’s clear these designer merchants are the reason for the success of Forever 21. But the company refuses to make them or their names public. In other words, the designer merchants, along with Mrs. Chang, remain invisible. When questioned, a spokeswoman replied, smiling: “… our clothes are on trend, almost indistinguishable from designer clothes. Our design process is proprietary.”

According to the New York Times, Diane Von Furstenberg has filed a lawsuit against Forever 21 for replicating one of her dresses down to its print, fabric and color. “Current law does not protect clothing design from being copied (logos are an exception),” said the Times. “But Ms. Von Furstenberg and other American designers have been lobbying Congress since last year to expand the copyright statute that protects music and books. Such a change is considered a long shot,” the Times said.

Dirty Little Secrets Everyone Knows
Are there dimly lit places somewhere offshore where, under the supervision of master designers, tiny little fingers work at warp speed, swing-shifts-around-the-clock to manufacture these garments? Does it bother shoppers that an Oscar de la Renta dress selling for $400 at Bergdorf Goodman can be bought for about $40 at Forever 21; that Ralph Lauren, now the Official Outfitter of Wimbledon can see his knock-offs coming and going on Main Street? If there’s any consumer guilt, it’s not evident at the cash register. The bigger question is, where do most mega designers get their clothes made, and by whom? If they are in areas where child labor laws and forced labor laws are non-existent, how is it possible to enforce them?

Timeless and Fashionable Beauty Trends for the New Year

It’s official, glam is global. We’ve uncovered some timeless classics and the hottest trends, with influences that span the world. Pack your shopping bags this winter and beat the crowd to next year’s hottest items.

Eastern European Flash – Do as the Russians do and show off a little. It’s time to feel rich and beautiful. High heels, long hair and unapologetic brand loyalty are all you see on the Moscow streets. Think Italy in the 1980’s, and add a little more fur. Gold, silver, leather and satin – this is no time to be shy. Pull out that designer bag you’ve been hiding and pair it with your very best cocktail dress and all the gold you can find.

English Floral – Pin it up and press your seams, English florals are back with a pretty, precise vengeance. Think of a garden party, with white gloves, pearls and windblown curls. The modern, conservative summer look has swept through the fashion industry with sweet florals gracing the runways of several top designers. Those girlish summer dresses are back in fashion, along with your twinset, grandma’s vintage jewelry, cardigans and crocheted scarves.

Indian Slippers – Timeless, inexpensive and chic, you can wear a pair of Indian slippers with nearly anything – your jeans, your weekday suit or your sleek Sunday dress. Heeled or flat, in a rainbow of colors you are sure to find a pair that suits your mood. This princess-perfect look has been happening for thousands of years, and it shows no signs of stopping. Pretty is pretty, no matter what century this is.

Chinese Silk – Robes, dresses, blouses or shoes, Chinese silk is a masterful, rich statement that evolves and tantalizes year to year. There is more to Chinese silk than mandarin collars and peacock prints – think about luscious, rich silk trousers and skirts with a luster and quality that can rival any couture house in the world.

Canadian Winter Wear – Easily the coziest country to imitate. Throw on your flannel shirt, grab a pair of woolly socks and jump under that fleece blanket. Lumberjack plaids and heavy knit sweaters are the mainstay of winter-wise Canadians and should be added to any chic-seekers list for winter. North Dakota is part of Canada right?

Read Bella Mia’s beauty tips [http://bellaforbeauty.com/category/beauty-tips/] and get the beauty advice you’ve been looking for. Her site is a huge resource where you’ll find great advice on body care [http://bellaforbeauty.com/] and a whole lot more!

Children’s Fashion Jewelry Bracelets and Charms Under Inspection Because of Harmful Cadmium

Last week many newspapers and telecasts reported on the use of cadmium in children’s jewelry. Cadmium is a bluish-white metal that is found naturally in the earth’s crust. Manufacturers started using cadmium in jewelry as a replacement for lead. Lead became known as dangerous because people who had repeated contact with it became seriously ill because of its toxic nature. Cadmium rates high in toxicity according to Bruce Fowler of US Center of Disease Control and Prevention. He said, “Cadmium is a poison and hazardous substance.”

Cadmium is a pliable metal and does not easily corrode. It is cheap and easy to make jewelry with. The jewelry items in suspicion were coming from China. Cadmium was found in jewelry sold at Walmart, Claire’s, and dollar stores. It is not illegal to sell jewelry with cadmium so no law was broken. Walmart said it would pull any children’s jewelry that was questionable. The health concern is that cadmium is a carcinogen (can cause cancer) and can interfere with brain development. Children especially at young ages can suck on jewelry and there is uncertainty about skin contact and what may possibly happen over a period of time.

Hearing all this once again had my ten year old daughter and me going through her fashion jewelry. She did not have many pieces as I happen to make jewelry. She did have about four items including the best friend’s bracelet where the girls each have a bracelet with half a heart on it. She was very good about just throwing it all away once I explained it could be dangerous to her. This was a good reminder for me to stay with my earlier conviction that sticking with gold and sterling silver (.925) is the best way to go when purchasing jewelry as it eliminates any uncertain feelings about the purchase and those precious metals have never had a health concern related to it. I have been in a store and have said no even when it was hard to those pleading faces and the price was right and they even had their own money. I am strengthened and resolved once again in this matter.

As parents we are concerned for our child’s health and well being. We continually learn and look to be informed as we help navigate the best possible course for our children. Another fact worthy of mentioning is Canada Health was inspecting jewelry trinkets from China and discovered a plastic bracelet with dangle charms that said lead free on the package but were actually loaded with lead when tested. This is another indication that we need to be careful and alert our children when age appropriate to these real concerns. Hopefully, my girls have learned from our fashion jewelry discussion and will make wise jewelry purchases in the future. A great guideline to follow for many reasons is to only purchase jewelry that is made with gold or sterling silver.

I am the owner of http://abundanttrove.com where we create and sell unique designs in handmade beaded jewelry. We use quality semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, handblown glass beads, coral, Swarovski crystal, and genuine sterling silver beads and clasps in our creations. We invite you to visit Abundant Trove to veiw our unique selection of children’s jewelry. We are able to design bracelets for flower girl gifts, for matching Mommy and daughter bracelets, for birthdays for the birthday girl or as precious favors, or for any special occasion. You can purchase with confidence because we only use sterling silver (.925) in our designs eliminating any health concerns.

Fall 2008 Fashion Influences From the Interwar Period of the 1930’s and 1940’s

It’s no secret that history repeats itself in both politics and trend. For the last few years, fashion has been following suit reworking trends from all the last major decades from the 60’s onward. However this fall, many designers have combined various generational trends notably pulling ideas from the 1930’s-1940’s interwar period styles.

Exiting the 1920’s period of secret night clubs and bootlegging, where tight, shapely silhouettes and short hemlines were a la mode , the following decade began to cover back up and change shape. Attention began to be focused on the shoulder with the introduction of butterfly sleeves, caplets and bolero jackets. The invention of synthetic fabrics, nylon and zippers during this period allowed for increased construction experimentation and became more common place in fashion development. These new synthetic fabrics gave designers new opportunities in shape and structure. Pleating and draping gave way to new looks and waistlines which were heightened and re-adjusted.

Many contemporary designers are continuing to introduce these trends in their current collections. Designers like Rose and Imitation have developed the cropped Bolero jacket accentuating the waist and drawing attention to, and structuring the shoulder. This menswear style Bolero jacket pairs excellent with another trend of the season, the high waisted pant. Again, attention is drawn to the natural waistline displaying a woman’s curves.

Los Angeles based label Rose, designed by Britt Bardo and Jewels Steger, evokes many interwar period trends in their Fall 2008 collection. A 3/4 sleeve gown with high necklines and an open bare back, sweeps the floor with jersey drapes. Swingy jersey caplets with shoulder pleats fall loosely over the shoulder, like a Dorothy Gish outfit of the 1930’s. Silk habotai tees and long wrap skirts also appear in deep, dark shades in their Fall 2008 collection.

Interwar period styling is evident in Rose’s collection as it is with accessories such as the cloche hat and opaque stockings developed by designers like France’s Isabel Marant, and Brooklyn’s Victor Osborne. Cloche, french for bell, was a very popular late 1920’s, early 1930’s hat style that sits low on the head allowing for the peaking of the eyes. Women would style ribbon bows upon their cloche hats depending on their marital status; a ribbon with a knot signified marriage, whereas one with a flamboyant bow signified a woman’s single status.

Pleated blouses reminiscent of Lauren Bacall continue to be on trend for Fall 2008. Rachel Comey, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Canada based Mercy have all developed feminine silk blouses with incredible detailed work. Neck bows and form fitting construction focus the gaze on the woman’s shape and structure, while still covering skin. All and all Fall 2008’s influence by the 1930’s and early 1940’s continue to prove that fashion is not only about developing the trends of the future, but taking inspiration from the golden artifacts and archives of the past.

All designers listed above can be found at LA’s Satine Boutique and at [http://www.satineboutique.com] a creative place to mix and match your modern sensibility with your wild dreams.